I am a photographer, stylist, graphic designer, mother, realistic dreamer.  I have a lovely busy
life and 3 wonderful sons who are most important in my life. But work is also

I love my work. I love to communicate with people, I like new contacts,
new situations, and challenges. I like to create beauty. To be the balance
for the natural beauty. I like to capture this beauty, happy moments, important events,
memorable experiences. It is the people themselves who give the life to the picture
and make a picture to tell its story… I am pleased to be in documenter`s role.

Getting married plays a major role in our life, perhaps one of the most important. After all, we

choose the person at our side, the second half for the rest of our life (I really hope so!). With
whom to be in good and bad, with whom to laugh and cry, beside whom is always good to
wake up..

When organize wedding, its important to find the right photographer for Your special day,
somebody who is suitable exactly for You. Photographer, who does not give You after the
wedding only pictures about wedding, but gives You the story of Your day. Photographer,
whose pictures tell the story, without the words…

I like to start taking pictures already in the morning of the wedding day, together with all the
bustle and excitement. Already in the beauty salon, where the bride is the most important,
around whom takes place all the hustle and bustle: brushes, nail polishes, curlers, jewelry,
laces, lipstick, rouge, shot of cognac, cooling foot bath, mother-in-law and all the rest what is
happening there…

Its often so that the brides don’t remember this part of the wedding day so clearly, because
of all the excitement. A little bit nervous and lost groom is also a nice scene, usually they
step back and forth, just like students before the exam. But naturally – this is a big big
responsibility. Exam of the lifetime.

From the wedding, there must not be missing beauty pictures as well. Perhaps little bit
directed and adjusted, but just couple together, lovers hand in hand. And of course series of
the wonderful bride. That there would be captured the bride, her dress, flowers, jewelry –
everything. All the beauty of the bride. Because the bride is beautiful!

And of course all the wedding party, the party so as it took place. Not chosen faces standing
against the wall and then they have to Smile. Not like this! But surely this way, that the
real documentary would born. Who, where and with whom – laughed, danced, played. And
children – oh, they will even tell their own story of this party. Believe me!

Where I know all this… Well, beside of being photographer, I have had all my life some
organizer spirit in me. I have helped to organize – weddings, birthday parties, bachelor
parties, trips etc. But I will tell this some other time…

Anyway, write to me, about Your wish. I am burning with curiosity, to see the story of Your
important day.

Most of the time I live in Helsinki, Finland. Part of time in Tallinn, Estonia. But I also work in Norway, Sweden, Italy.

Gladly all over the world!

Looking forward to meet You,